March Protocol

Posted by on 12 December 2014





  • The wearing of fraudulent medals and awards are NOT permitted

Section 80B(1),(4) of the Defence Act 1903 makes it an offence for a person to wear a service decoration that they are not entitled to wear, or to falsely represent themselves as a person on whom a service decoration was conferred.

  • Veterans are to wear full size medals.
  • Those WW11 Veterans able to march the full distance of the Parade are welcome to Parade behind their Banner at the front of the parade with one carer or one person of discretionary age.
  • Large groups of Descendants wanting to march may only do so behind the banner “Descendants of Veterans All Conflicts” – Please check the Order of March for positioning.
  • Those disbanded Units/Ships or Squadrons wishing to Parade their Banner at the front of the Parade may only do so when they have gained approval from the ANZAC Day Combined Parade Committee  without descendants – P O Box 45 New Farm Qld 4005
  • Pictures of deceased Veterans are NOT permitted to be carried on Parade
  • Any livestock, including Dogs MUST have approval from the ADCPC to enter any area of the ANZAC Day Parade – There is NO exception (WHS requirement).
  • Children being pushed in pushchairs or carried in slings are a potential OH&S risk and we ask that parents refrain from including them in the Parade.
  • Unit Leaders on Parade are responsible for the appearance of those marching with their associations and to stipulate the need to respect the March Protocols as set down by the ADCPC.  Copies of the Protocol are available on Parade or prior by visiting  
  • These protocols are designed to respect the dignity of the occasion.


Authorised By: ADCPC Meeting 13 August 2013